Nili - Network Scan, Man in the Middle, Protocol Reverse Engineering and Fuzzing



  • Python - Python Programming Language
  • Scapy - Interactive Packet Manipulation Program
  • Netzob - Protocol Reverse Engineering, Modeling and Fuzzing


Here is some Instructions for Installing Prerequisites, Select Proper Instructions for your Operating System.


1- Install Python3 and pip:
$ sudo apt-get install python3
$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip
2- Install Scapy:
$ cd /tmp
$ git clone
$ cd scapy
$ sudo python3 install
3- Install Netzob:
$ git clone
$ cd ./netzob/
$ sudo apt-get install python3 python3-dev python3-setuptools build-essential
$ python3 install
$ python3 -m pip install bintrees --upgrade


1- Install python3
2- Install Scapy:
2-1- Install Winpcap
2-2- Install Scapy3k
python -m pip install scapy-python3
3- Install Netzob

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