Comission - WhiteBox CMS Analysis

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CoMisSion is a tool to quickly analyze a CMS setup. The tool:
  • checks for the core version;
  • looks for the last core version;
  • looks for vulnerabilities in core version used;
  • checks for plugins version;
  • looks for vulnerabilities in plugins version used;
A complete report can be generated in XLSX or CSV format. The tool has been tested on Linux only.
./ -c wordpress -d /cms_dir -o report.xlsx -t XLSX
git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
usage: [-h] -d DIR -c CMS [-o FILE]

  -h, --help              show this help message and exit
  -d DIR, --dir DIR       CMS root directory
  -c CMS, --cms CMS       CMS type (Drupal, WordPress)
  -o FILE, --output FILE  Path to output file
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE    Type of output file (CSV, XLSX). Default to XLSX.
CMS supported Wordpress Drupal (no vulnerability checks)
Docker We are not publishing any official image yet. To use the tool with docker, you can build an image. In the project folder, build with: docker build -t isec/comission . Then run it with :
docker run -it --rm -v /TARGET_PATH/:/cms_path/ -v /OUTPUT_DIR/:/output/ isec/comission -d /cms_path/ -c drupal -o /output/test_docker.xlsx -t XLSX
Be careful to change the path "TARGET_PATH" and "OUTPUT_DIR" to match your folders.
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