BlueMaho Project - Bluetooth Security Testing Suite

BlueMaho Project - Bluetooth Security Testing Suite

BlueMaho is GUI-shell (interface) for suite of tools for testing security of bluetooth devices. It is freeware, opensource, written on python, uses wxPyhon. It can be used for testing BT-devices for known vulnerabilities and major thing to do - testing to find unknown vulns. Also it can form nice statistics.


  • scan for devices, show advanced info, SDP records, vendor etc
  • track devices - show where and how much times device was seen, its name changes
  • loop scan - it can scan all time, showing you online devices
  • alerts with sound if new device found
  • on_new_device - you can spacify what command should it run when it founds new device
  • it can use separate dongles - one for scaning (loop scan) and one for running tools or exploits
  • send files
  • change name, class, mode, BD_ADDR of local HCI devices
  • save results in database
  • form nice statistics (uniq devices by day/hour, vendors, services etc)
  • test remote device for known vulnerabilities (see exploits for more details)
  • test remote device for unknown vulnerabilities (see tools for more details)
  • themes! you can customize it

  • atshell.c by Bastian Ballmann (modified attest.c by Marcel Holtmann)
  • bccmd by Marcel Holtmann
  • bdaddr.c by Marcel Holtmann
  • by smiley
  • carwhisperer v0.2 by Martin Herfurt
  • psm_scan and rfcomm_scan from bt_audit-0.1.1 by Collin R. Mulliner
  • BSS (Bluetooth Stack Smasher) v0.8 by Pierre Betouin
  • btftp v0.1 by Marcel Holtmann
  • btobex v0.1 by Marcel Holtmann
  • greenplaque v1.5 by
  • L2CAP packetgenerator by Bastian Ballmann
  • obex stress tests 0.1
  • redfang v2.50 by Ollie Whitehouse
  • ussp-push v0.10 by Davide Libenzi
  • exploits/attacks:
  • Bluebugger v0.1 by Martin J. Muench
  • bluePIMp by Kevin Finisterre
  • BlueZ hcidump v1.29 DoS PoC by Pierre Betouin
  • helomoto by Adam Laurie
  • hidattack v0.1 by Collin R. Mulliner
  • Mode 3 abuse attack
  • Nokia N70 l2cap packet DoS PoC Pierre Betouin
  • opush abuse (prompts flood) DoS attack
  • Sony-Ericsson reset display PoC by Pierre Betouin
  • you can add your own tools by editing 'exploits/exploits.lst' and 'tools/tools.lst'


  • OS (tested with Debian 4.0 Etch / 2.6.18)
  • python (python 2.4
  • wxPython (python-wxgtk2.6
  • BlueZ (3.9/3.24)
  • Eterm to open tools somewhere, you can set another term in 'config/defaul.conf' changing the value of 'cmd_term' variable. (tested with 1.1 ver)
  • pkg-config(0.21), 'tee' used in tools/, openobex, obexftp
  • libopenobex1 + libopenobex-dev (needed by ussp-push)
  • libxml2, libxml2-dev (needed by btftp)
  • libusb-dev (needed by bccmd)
  • libreadline5-dev (needed by atshell.c)
  • lightblue-0.3.3 (needed by
  • hardware: any bluez compatible bluetooth-device

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