Tweep - An Advanced Twitter Scraping Tool

Tweep is an advanced 
Twitter scraping tool written in python that allows for scraping Tweets and pictures from Twitter profiles without using Twitter's API.

Some of the benefits of using Tweep vs Twitter API:
  • Fast initial setup
  • Can be used anonymously
  • No rate limitations
  • Can fetch all Tweets (Twitter API limits to last 3200 Tweets)

  • BeautifulSoup4 pip install beautifulsoup4

  • -u The user's Tweets you want to scrape.
  • -s Search for Tweets containing this word or phrase.
  • --year Filter tweets before the specified year.
  • --pics Download all the pictures from Tweets.
  • --fruit Display Tweets with "low-hanging-fruit".
  • --tweets Display Tweets only.
  • --verified Display Tweets only from verified users (Use with -s).
  • --users Display users only (Use with -s).

Low-Hanging Fruit
The --fruit feature will display Tweets that might contain sensitive info such as:
  • Profiles from leaked databases (Myspace or LastFM)
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

Basic Examples and Combos.
A few simple examples to help you understand the basics:
  • python -u username - Scrape all the Tweets from user's timeline.
  • python -u username -s pineapple - Scrape all Tweets from the user's timeline containing pineapple.
  • python -s pineapple - Collect every Tweet containing pineapple from everyone's Tweets.
  • python -u username --year 2014 - Collect Tweets that were tweeted before 2014.
  • python -u username --pics - Download all pictures from user's timeline.
  • python -u username --fruit - Show Tweets with low-hanging fruit.
  • python -s "Donald Trump" --verified --users - List verified users that Tweet about Donald Trump.

Example String
881653591265746945 2017-07-02 23:19:31 UTC <dqt> i need to drink more water

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