Mentalist - Graphical Tool For Custom Wordlist Generation

Mentalist is a graphical tool for custom wordlist generation. It utilizes common human paradigms for constructing passwords and can output the full wordlist as well as rules compatible with Hashcat and John the Ripper.

Install from Source


Linux (APT package manager)
Check if Python 3 is installed by running
python3 --version
If it is not, run:
sudo apt-get update && apt-get install python3.6
Additionally, you will need setuptools and Tk:
sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-tk

There are varying ways of installing Python 3 on OS X, but the easiest is to install through Homebrew.
brew update && brew install python3

If using Windows, please refer to Installing Python 3 on Windows from the Hitchhiker's Guide. It is also extremely helpful to click the Python 3 installer checkbox to add Python to your PATH.

Install Mentalist
Clone the Mentalist repository:
git clone

Go into the directory:
cd mentalist

python3 install

Running Mentalist

You can now run mentalist from the shell with the command

Future Work
  • Ability to scrape sites as an attribute in the Base Words node.
  • Add dictionaries and lists for more languages
  • Add UK post codes to Append/Prepend Nodes
  • Option to perform de-duplication of Base Words
  • Mentalist Chain file differencing

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