HouseProxy - HTTP proxy focused on block phishing URL's

Protect your parents from phishing, HTTP proxy focused on block phishing URL's

git clone
cd HouseProxy/
pip install -r requeriments.txt

Edit etc/HouseProxy.conf to change de default user and password Create a entry in your DNS to house.proxy 

$ hug -f
$ sudo echo "localhost  house.proxy" >> /etc/hosts
Set the house.proxy:3128 as your proxy Open the browser and access http://house.proxy:8000 Click in update blacklists It my take a while, the tool is downloading blacklists from phishitank and openphish. Done, now just try to access a malicious URL. 

Usage recomendation
Install it on a raspberry pi, create a network, force all http traffics to pass through the pi on 3128 port (transparent proxy), and connect the clients to this network. 


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