Tallow - Transparent Tor for Windows

    Tallow UI (on)
Tallow is a small program that redirects all outbound traffic from a Windows machine via the Tor anonymity network. Any traffic that cannot be handled by Tor, e.g. UDP, is blocked. Tallow also intercepts and handles DNS requests preventing potential leaks.
Tallow has several applications, including:
  • "Tor-ifying" applications there were never designed to use Tor
  • Filter circumvention -- if you wish to bypass a local filter and are not so concerned about anonymity
  • Better-than-nothing-Tor -- Some Tor may be better than no Tor.
Note that, by itself, Tallow is not designed to be a complete strong anonymity solution. See the warnings below.


Using the Tallow GUI, simply press the big "Tor" button to start redirecting traffic via the Tor network. Press the button again to stop Tor redirection. Note that your Internet connection may be temporarily interrupted each time you toggle the button.
To test if Tor redirection is working, please visit the following site: https://check.torproject.org.
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