Maryam - Scanning the Web application and networks

Using the Maryam Tool, you can start scanning the Web application and networks and easily complete the information gathering process.

1. whois > Lookup information on a Domain or IP address
2. trace route > Trace the servers between ViewDNS and a remote host
3. scan port (service) > Finding open ports and active service on the server
4. scan port (fast) > Finding open ports on the server Fast
5. scan port (auto) > Finding open and important ports Automatic
6. reverse ip > Show all sites on the server
7. ping > Test the latency of a remote system
8. ip api > Find the geographic location of an IP Address
9. http header > View the HTTP headers returned by a domain
10. cloud flare > Find sub-active domains bound to the list
11. dnslookup > View all DNS records for a specified domain
12. domain map > Viewing all DNS records for your domain is displayed in the image format
13. reverse whois > Find domain names owned by an individual or company
14. ip history > Show historical IP addresses for a domain
15. dns report > Provides a complete report on your DNS settings
16. find shared dns > Find more targets with a DNS server shared record search
17. trace ip using mtr > Trace the Internet connection path using the mtr traceroute tool
18. reverse ns > Find all sites that use a given nameserver
19. reverse mx > Find all sites that use a given mail server
20. dns propagation > Check whether recent DNS changes have propagated
21. find records > Find forward DNS (A) records for a domain
22. extract links > Find all web page links
23. frameworks Activ > find all Frameworks Activ in Web Server

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