ShinoBOT - RAT / Botnet Simulator for pentest / education

ShinoBOT, is a executable which is a RAT(Remote Access Trojan) simulator. You can remote-control your infected machine from the ShinoC2 (C&C server). You can execute any Windows commands, upload/download files, take a screen shot, everything you need to simulate an APT/targeted attack.
  • RAT features
  • Execute any command
  • Upload any files
  • Download any files
  • Take a screenshot

  • C&CaaS
  • Usually, when you want to try a RAT, you must build a C&C server, prepare a global IP address, get a domain name. In case of ShinoBOT, the C&C server is provided as a service, so you just need to download the ShinoBOT.exe.

  • Password Protection and GUI
  • ShinoBOT has a GUI and shows a password. The only guy who knows the password can control the host. This is one of the most important things to make difficult ShinoBOT to be abused for the real attack.

  • Command Sharing
  • You can share your nice hacking command for everyone. If you not familiar about the internal recon phase, you can refer other's command.

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