Raven - Linkedin information gathering tool

raven is a Linkedin information gathering tool that can be used by pentesters to gather information about an organization employees using Linkedin.
Please do not use this program to do stupid things. The author does not keep any responsability of what damage has been done by this program.


  • Run setup.sh as root
  • Adjust Linkedin credentials in raven.py or pass them as parameters.
  • If you are running in Kali Linux , to avoid problems with selenium update firefox to the latest version.


Usage of this is application is pretty simple. It requires at least three parameters. The first one is the company name , the second one is the country initials and the domain name


usage: raven.py [-h] -c COMPANY -s STATE -d DOMAIN [-p PAGES] [-lu LUSERNAME] [-lp LPASSWORD]
Raven - LinkedIn Information Gathering Tool
  -c COMPANY, --company COMPANY       Input the Company name. Ex: Pizzahut
  -s STATE, --state STATE             Input the State initials. Ex: uk , al , etc...
  -d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN          Input the domain name. Ex: gmail.com
  -p PAGES, --pages PAGES             Number of google pages to navigate. Ex: 3
  -lu LUSERNAME --lusername LUSERNAME    The linkedin username to use.
  -lp LPASSWORD, --lpassword LPASSWORD   The linekdin password to use.
For example , if the company that you want to search is Evil Corp and the state is Albania the parameters would be:
python raven.py -c 'Evil Corp' -s al -d evilcorp.al
If you are not sure what the state is you can put www .
You can also specify how many pages of Google Search you want to search with the -p parameters
python raven.py -c 'Evil Corp' -s al -d evilcorp.al -p 3
The command above will search for results on 3 first pages of google.

Tool Internals

The tool actually is a scraper that works with selenium. It uses a google dork to extract the LinkedIn url's and then it exctracts data from them. As you may know Linkedin has different subdomains for country-s.
  For example : al.linkedin.com is for Albania, uk.linkedin.com is for United Kingdom etc. 
The state parameter is actually the subdomain of the LinkedIn website.


  • Automatically check found emails in haveibeenpwned.com
  • Output in CSV format (For using with GoPhish)
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