Intrigue-core - Framework for automated attack surface discovery

Intrigue makes it easy to discover information about attack surface connected to the Internet. Intrigue utilizes common sources of OSINT via “tasks” to create “entities”. Each discovered entity can be used to discover more information, either automatically or manually.


The following following features are supported:
  • Friendly web-based user interface
    • Manually iterate on entities with in-the-loop workflows
    • Set-and-forget with automated iteration strategies
    • Search, manage and download results
    • Visualize results with built-in graphing
    • Configure the system, as well as individual tasks
  • Powerful Command Line Interface
    • Create entities, execute tasks and gather results
  • API-first design
    • Create and delete entities via the API
    • Execute tasks via the API
    • Pull results from the API
    • Provided Ruby SDK & Client
  • Over 45 built-in tasks
  • Built-in strategies for automation
  • Built-in OSINT discovery-focused ontology
  • Result Handlers 
    • Push results to…
      • Local files: CSV, JSON
      • Amazon S3
      • ElasticSearch
      • Generic Webhooks
  • Entity Enrichment
    • Automated discovery of alternate entities
    • Automated correlation of alternate entities through entity aliases
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