DefenseMatrix - Full security solution for Linux Servers

DefenseMatrix helps individuals and organizations who use Linux to secure their servers on various dimentions automatically. It makes securing a Linux server faster and easier.
Never before have a program been able to have so many security features packed in one. Therefore we provide you with this all-in-one solution that will make the following difficult things easier to handle.

Why do we need to secure Linux?

Did you know that an ordinary server receives almost 6000 attacks per day? With our help, these attacks don't come in.

DefenseMatrix features:

  • iptables tcp/udp/icmp firewall
  • arptables ARP firewall
  • Rootkit Detection
  • Password complexity check
  • Attack analysis and visualization
We configure these things automatically for you.


We make it fast, easy, and simple
$ sudo sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


We still make it easy for you
$ sudo DefenseMatrix --uninstall


This is how you get started with DefenseMatrix
$ sudo DefenseMatrix                  # Print Help Page
$ sudo service DefenseMatrix start    # Start DefenseMatrix service
$ sudo service DefenseMatrix stop     # Stop DefenseMatrix service
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