Cansina - Web Content Discovery Tool

Cansina is a Web Content Discovery Application.
It is well known Web applications don't publish all their resources or public links, so the only way to discover these resources is requesting for them and check the response.
Cansina duty is to help you making requests and filtering the responses to tell apart if it is an existing resource or just an annoying or disguised 404.
Other kind of useful responses (401, 403, ...) are processed in a similar fashion.
Responses are kept in a sqlite database for later process or viewing.
You can stop and resume a task by ctrl-c, a resume file will be generated for you.
Check the options '-h' for more features.
There is an ongoing effort to add features via plugins.
Feature requests and comments are welcome.
Cansina is included in BlackArch Linux, give it a try!


  • Multithreading
  • Http / Https
  • Proxy support
  • Data persistence
  • Basic Authentication
  • Resume
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