pyrasite - Inject code into running Python processes

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Tools for injecting arbitrary code into running Python processes.
  • gdb (version 7.3+ (or RHEL5+))
On OS X you will need to have a codesigned gdb - see if you get errors while running with --verbose which mention codesigning.
Compatiblity Pyrasite works with Python 2.4 and newer. Injection works between versions as well, so you can run Pyrasite under Python 3 and inject into 2, and vice versa.
usage: pyrasite [-h] [--gdb-prefix GDB_PREFIX] [--verbose] [--output OUTPUT_TYPE] pid [filepath|payloadname]
       pyrasite --list-payloads

pyrasite - inject code into a running python process

positional arguments:
  pid                   The ID of the process to inject code into
  filepath|payloadname  The second argument must be a path to a
                        file that will be sent as a payload to the
                        target process or it must be the name of
                        an existing payload (see --list-payloads).

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --gdb-prefix GDB_PREFIX
                        GDB prefix (if specified during installation)
  --verbose             Verbose mode
  --output OUTPUT_TYPE  This option controls where the output from
                        the executed payload will be printed. If
                        the value is 'procstreams' (the default) then
                        the output is sent to the stdout/stderr of the
                        process. If the value is 'localterm' then the
                        output is piped back and printed on the local
                        terminal where pyrasite is being run.
  --list-payloads       List payloads that are delivered by pyrasite

For updates, visit
pyrasite-gui The graphical interface can be found here:
  • Python debuginfo (needed for live object inspection)
  • PyGObject3 Introspection bindings
  • WebKitGTK3
  • meliae (easy_install/pip may not work for this install. If not, use the tarball from the distribution website. You may need to install Cython in order to get meliae to build)
  • pycallgraph
  • psutil
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