ASTo - IoT network security analysis tool and visualizer

Apparatus is a security framework to facilitate security analysis in IoT systems. To make the usage of the Apparatus framework easier the ASTo app was created (ASTo stands for Apparatus Software Tool).
How can I use it?
A requirement to use ASTo is knowledge of the Apparatus framework. If you have the time and patience the best way to understand the framework is to read some research papers that were written about it. If not, you can always read this wiki.
  • Apparatus: Reasoning About Security Requirements in the Internet of Things
  • ASTo: A Tool for Security Analysis of IoT Systems
Some of the features of ASTo have not been published yet, but I will try to add them as documentation here.
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  • NodeJS 7+
  • git
git clone
# Go into the repository
cd apparatus
# Install dependencies
npm install
# to run the app
npm start
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