The OZONE Widget Framework (OWF) #NSA

The OZONE Widget Framework (OWF) is a framework that allows data from different servers to communicate inside a browser window without sending information back to the respective servers. This unique capability allows the OWF web portal to offer decentralized data manipulation. It includes a secure, in-browser, pub-sub eventing system which allows widgets from different domains to share information. The combination of decentralized content and in-browser messaging makes OWF particularly suited for large distributed enterprises with legacy stovepipes that need to combine capability. Use it to quickly link applications and make composite tools.
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enter image description here
My Apps Menu
All of a user's applications appear on this menu.
enter image description here
Desktop Layout
This is a desktop layout. Users can move widgets to useful locations on the screen.
enter image description here
Tabbed Layout
Tabbed layouts allow widgets to open on separate tabs.
Using the App Builder, users can design dashboards that incorporate multiple layouts. You see desktop and tabbed layout examples above. You can also incorporate accordion, portal and fit-pane layouts into each dashboard.
Technology components
For OWF Version 7.16.0, the front-end user interface uses JavaScript, and the back-end uses Grails. User preferences are stored in a relational database - anything supported by Hibernate. Authentication of users is a modular function provided by Spring Security.
Browser Support
Numbered releases are tested on IE7, IE9, Firefox 17 and Chrome 33.
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