Shogun - Command Line Interface

Shogun is a custom CLI for the search engine. The interface is designed to resemble a "shell" to the Shodan database. This way we can simply input commands to have the program perform various operations. As such Shogun aims to be a comprehensive assistant in the process of gathering open source intelligence.
Features include the ability to resolve domains, check if a host IP has any ports with certain services running and attempts to enumerate these services. It can also provide a summary of all the information Shodan has on platforms such as 'IIS' or Apache etc and includes a feature to log all information gathered in this manner and more.


Cloning the repo.
git clone
cd Shogun
The commands for Shogun are as follows.
Help    - Print usage information 
Resolve - Query DNS to retrieve a domain's associated IP address
Ports   - Retrieve ports/services associated with provided host IP
Platform- Retrieve IPs associated with platform. I.E. 'Routers' returns a list of IPs that are classified as part of such
Summary - Provide a summary of information on provided search item. I.E. 'IIS' will provide top results for 'IIS'
Logging - Enable or disable search result logging(Disabled by default)
Api     - Display API key info and/or change API key
Quit/Q  - Exit Shogun


Besides the Shodan module Shogun makes use of Blessings as well for formatting purposes. Should you find you do not have these installed please use pip to get them like so.
pip install shodan
pip install blessings
Or feel free to use the requirements file i have made for this program.
pip install -r requirements.txt

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