LFISuite – Totally Automatic LFI Exploiter, ReverseShell and Scanner

Author not responsible for any kind of illegal acts you cause. This is meant to be used for ethical purposes by penetration testers. If you plan to copy, redistribute please give credits to the original author.
LFISuite is a totally automatic tool able to scan and exploit Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities using many different methods of attack, listed in the section Features.
* Works with Windows, Linux and OS X
* Automatic Configuration
* Automatic Update
* Provides 8 different Local File Inclusion attack modalities:
– /proc/self/environ
– php://filter
– php://input
– /proc/self/fd
– access log
– phpinfo
– data://
– expect://
* Provides a ninth modality, called Auto-Hack, which scans and exploits the target automatically by trying all the attacks one after the other without you having to do anything (except for providing, at the beginning, a list of paths to scan, which if you don’t have you can find in this project directory in two versions, small and huge).
* Tor proxy support
* Reverse Shell for Windows, Linux and OS X
enter image description here
* Python 2.7.x
* Python extra modules: termcolor, requests
* socks.py
How to use it?
Usage is extremely simple and LFI Suite has an easy-to-use user interface; just run it and let it lead you.
Reverse Shell:
When you got a LFI shell by using one of the available attacks, you can easily obtain a reverse shell by entering the command “reverseshell” (obviously you must put your system listening for the reverse connection, for instance using “nc -lvp port”).
git clone https://github.com/D35m0nd142/LFISuite && cd LFISuite
python lfisuite.py
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