BigBrainSecurity - a forensics scripts that will eventually turn into an IDS

BigBrainSecurity/ filters master file tables and makes them more bearable to deal with. The primary use of the program is to import a text file made up of values separated by new lines that you can filter the program by. For example, you can import a text file made up of directories you want included in the updated CSV file, file extensions (.exe, .dll, .sys), and/or programs (powershell). will search the Master File Table CSV file and create a new CSV file that only includes matching rows.
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+ Python 2.7.x
+ Pandas Python Module
NOTE: This program accepts a pipe separated value file–it’s like a csv but with “|” inbetween the values.
Sample usage:
git clone && cd BigBrainSecurity
pip install pandas
python -f MFTDump.csv -r filterlist.txt -d updated_mft.csv -s 2016-06-10 -e 2016-06-13
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