XSS'OR - Hack with JavaScript

XSS'OR is a free online tool for hacking with JavaScript.

It contains three major modules:
1. Encode/Decode
The Encode/Decode module, including:
front-end encryption and decryption;
code compression, decompression, beautification, the implementation of testing;
character set conversion, hash generation;
and so on.

2. Codz
The Code module, including:
CSRF request code generation;
AJAX request code generation;
XSS attack Vector;
XSS attack Payload;
and so on.

3. Probe
The Probe module, in order to balance, it is the most basic probe, and each IP can generate a unique probe every day. You can use this probe to attack test (such as: XSS, phishing attacks, etc.). The probe can get the basic information of the target user, and you can dynamically inject more commands (JavaScript Codz) for “remote control” testing.

Some user experience and privacy considerations:
XSS'OR, even if your browser is accidentally closed or crashed, your records will not be lost, because the relevant records are cached to your browser local. The server will not store any of your privacy, except for the result record of the probe (only the result record) will be temporarily cached, because the design considerations, but these will be automatically cleared every day.

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