Pybelt - The Hackers Tool Belt

Pybelt is an open source hackers tool belt complete with:

  • A port scanner
  • SQL injection scanner
  • Dork checker
  • Hash cracker
  • Hash type verification tool
  • Proxy finding tool
  • XSS scanner
It is capable of cracking hashes without prior knowledge of the algorithm, scanning ports on a given host, searching for SQLi vulnerabilities in a given URL, verifying that your Google dorks work like they should, verifying the algorithm of a given hash, scanning a URL for XSS vulnerability, and finding usable HTTP proxies.

SQL Injection scanning made easy, just provide a URL and watch it work

Dork checker, have some Dorks you're not sure of? Go ahead and run the Dork check with the Dork as an argument, it will pull 100 URLs and give you success rate for the Dork

Hash cracking made simple, provide the hash type at the end ":md5, :sha256, etc" for a specific hash, or ":all" for all algorithms available on your machine


InstallationYou can either clone the repository git clone
or download the latest release as a zip/tar ball here
Once you have the program installed cd into the directory and run the following

pip install -r requirements.txt
This will install all of the programs needed libraries and should be able to be run from there.
python -p
Will run a port scan on your local host
python -s
Will run a SQLi scan on the given URL
python -d idea?id=55
Will run a Dork check on the given Google Dork
python -c 9a8b1b7eee229046fc2701b228fc2aff:all
Will attempt to crack the hash using all algorithms available on the computer

python -v 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6
Will try to verify the hash type
python -f
Will find usable proxies

python -x
Will search the URL for XSS vulnerability 


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