Mec - Mass Exploits Console

exploits console
  • please use this tool only on authorized systems, im not responsible 
    for any damage caused by users who ignore my warning
  • i do not own the code of adapted exploits or tools
  • exploits are adapted from other sources, please refer to their author 
what does it do?
  • an easy-to-use user interface (cli)
  • execute any adapted exploit with process-level concurrency
  • crawler for baidu and zoomeye
  • a simple webshell manager
  • some built-in exploits (automated)
  1. GNU/Linux or MacOS, WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux), fully tested under Kali Linux (Rolling, 2017), Ubuntu Linux (16.04 LTS) and Fedora 25 (it will work on other distros too as long as you have dealt with all deps)
  2. proxychains4 (in $PATH), used by exploiter, requires a working socks5 proxy (you can modify its config in
  3. Java is required when using Java deserialization exploits, you might want to install openjdk-8-jre if you haven’t installed it yet
  4. python packages (not complete, as some third-party scripts might need other deps as well): 
    • requests
    • bs4
    • beautifulsoup4
    • html5lib
    • docopt
    • pip3 install* on the go 
      note that you have to install all the deps of your exploits or tools as well
  • just run, if it complains about missing modules, install them
  • if you want to add your own exploit script (or binary file, whatever): 
    • cd exploits, mkdir*
    • your exploit should take the last argument passed to it as its target, dig into to know more
    • chmod 755* to make sure it can be executed by current 
      user use attack command then m to select your custom exploit type
  • help in the console to see all available features

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