Dagon - Advanced Hash Manipulation

Named after the prince of Hell, Dagon (day-gone) is an advanced hash cracking and manipulation system, capable of bruteforcing multiple hash types, creating bruteforce dictionaries, automatic hashing algorithm verification, random salt generation from Unicode to ASCII, and much more.


Bruteforcing made easy with a built in wordlist creator if you do not specify one. The wordlist will create 100,000 strings to use bruteforce
Verify what algorithm was used to create that hash you're trying to crack. You can specify to view all possible algorithms by providing the -L flag (some algorithms are not implemented yet) hash_verification
Random salting, unicode random salting, or you can make your own choice on the salt. salting


Preferable you can close the repository with git clone https://github.com/ekultek/dagon.git alternativley you can download the zip or tarball here

Basic usage

For full functionality of Dagon please reference the homepage here
python dagon.py -h This will run the help menu and provide a list of all possible flags
python dagon.py -c <HASH> --bruteforce This will attempt to bruteforce a given hash
python dagon.py -l <FILE-PATH> --bruteforce This will attempt to bruteforce a given file full of hashes (one per line)
python dagon.py -v <HASH> This will try to verify the algorithm used to create the hash
python dagon.py -V <FILE-PATH> This will attempt to verify each hash in a file, one per line


Dagon requires python version 2.7.x to run successfully.
  • git clone https://github.com/ekultek/dagon.git
  • cd Dagon
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
This should install all the dependencies that you will need to run Dagon

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