Brute Spray - Brute-Forcing from Nmap output

Automatically attempts default creds on found services.

BruteSpray takes nmap GNMAP output and automatically brute-forces services with default credentials using Medusa. BruteSpray can even find non-standard ports by using the -sV inside Nmap.

First do an nmap scan with '-oA nmap.gnmap'.
Command: python -h
Example: python --file nmap.gnmap --services all --threads 3 --hosts 5

Supported Services

  • ssh
  • ftp
  • telnet
  • vnc
  • mssql
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • rsh
  • imap
  • nntp
  • pcanywhere
  • pop3
  • rexec
  • rlogin
  • smbnt
  • smtp
  • snmp
  • svn
  • vmauthd

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