Windows Remote Administration Tool via Telegram


Windows Remote Administration Tool via Telegram

Why another one?

  • The current Remote Administration Tools in the market face 2 major problems:
    • Lack of encryption.
    • Require port forwarding in order to control from hundreds of miles.
  • This RAT overcomes both these issues by using the Telegram bot API.
    • Fully encrypted. The data being exchanged cannot be spied upon using MITM tools.
    • Telegram messenger app provides a simple way to communicate to the target without configuring port forward before hand on the target.


  • Run keylogger on the target PC.
  • Get target PC's Windows version, processor and more.
  • Get target PC's IP address information and approximate location on map.
  • Show message box with custom text on target PC (Thanks mvrozanti!)
  • List any directories on the target.
  • Download any file locally from the target PC in the background.
  • Upload local files on to the target PC. Send your image, pdf, exe or anything as file to the Telegram bot.
  • Screenshots of the target PC.
  • Execute any file on the target PC.
  • [WIP] Self-Destruct RAT on the target PC.
  • [WIP] Take snapshots from the webcam (if attached).
  • [WIP] Copy and Move files on the target PC.
  • [WIP] Delete files on the target PC.
  • More coming soon!


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