Tweets metadata scraper & activity analyzer

The goal of this simple python script is to analyze a Twitter profile through its tweets by detecting:
  • Average tweet activity, by hour and by day of the week
  • Timezone and language set for the Twitter interface
  • Sources used (mobile application, web browser, ...)
  • Geolocations
  • Most used hashtags, most retweeted users and most mentioned users
  • Friends analysis based on most frequent timezones/languages


usage: -n <screen_name> [options]

Simple Twitter Profile Analyzer

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l N, --limit N       limit the number of tweets to retreive (default=1000)
  -n screen_name, --name screen_name
                        target screen_name
  -f FILTER, --filter FILTER
                        filter by source (ex. -f android will get android
                        tweets only)
  --no-timezone         removes the timezone auto-adjustment (default is UTC)
  --utc-offset UTC_OFFSET
                        manually apply a timezone offset (in seconds)
  --friends             will perform quick friends analysis based on lang and
                        timezone (rate limit = 15 requests)

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