Tcpreplay - Pcap editing and replaying utilities

Tcpreplay is a suite of free Open Source utilities for editing and replaying previously captured network traffic. Originally designed to replay malicious traffic patterns to Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems, it has seen many evolutions including capabilities to replay to web servers.
Network playback products:
  • tcpreplay – replays pcap files at arbitrary speeds onto the network with an option to replay with random IP addresses
  • tcpreplay-edit – replays pcap files at arbitrary speeds onto the network with numerous options to modify packets packets on the fly
  • tcpliveplay – replays TCP network traffic stored in a pcap file on live networks in a manner that a remote server will respond to
Pcap file editors and utilities:
  • tcpprep – multi-pass pcap file pre-processor which determines packets as client or server and splits them into creates output files for use by tcpreplay and tcprewrite
  • tcprewrite – pcap file editor which rewrites TCP/IP and Layer 2 packet headers
  • tcpbridge – bridge two network segments with the power of tcprewrite
  • tcpcapinfo – raw pcap file decoder and debugger

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