RC-EXPLOITER v1.1.7 - resource file services exploiter


The author does not hold any responsibility about the bad use of this script remember that attacking targets without prior concent its ilegal and punish by law, this script as build to show how msf resource files can automated tasks.

Scanning WAN networks In search of targets may take 10 to 15 minutes depending of your network connection, and will search In 1024 random hosts For the selected service/port, also the File ‘brute.txt’ may be edited to insert new entrys, or we can provide the full path to another dicionary File to be used In brute-forcing services.

Adictionals tool settings can be configurated just by editing ‘settings’ file (nano settings) befor running the tool, settings like: use decoys (scanning WAN networks) OR spoof mac addr (change mac addr and ip addr), can only be config befor running the tool.


1繙 – scan in WAN for selected port (service) open
2繙 – port hosts found to msf database and set global variables (msfdb.rc)
3繙 – runs the conrrespondent exploit.rc (ssl.rc) againts all RHOSTS set before.
work flow:
1繙 this script will ask (to the attacker) to input the port number to search
2繙 then uses nmap to search in WAN networks for the specified port open
3繙 builds a resource file (.rc) to port the targets found to msf database
4繙 starts msf db and lunch the correspondente exploit.rc file againts all targets


“all ‘exploits.rc’ will use nmap nse script engine and msf auxiliary modules to exploit the target And each discovered matching login and password will create a Metasploit session”.

1繙 - Download framework from github
     tar.gz OR zip OR git clone

2繙 - Set files execution permitions
     cd RC-exploiter
     sudo chmod -R +x *.sh

4繙 - Run main tool
     nano settings
     sudo ./rc-exploiter.sh


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