Mail Tool v1.2 - E-mail spoofing tool

Email Tool works on Windows and Linux via Wine.This tool is standalone and doesn't require you to have Python anymore. Uses Gmail SMTP, supports attachments and HTML. Make sure to enable access for less secure apps (Gmail will not allow for tampering with email headers if SSL in use so I had to resort to TLS).
To use HTML template simply provide the name of the file (e.g template.html ) if in the same directory or the full path, if its located else where on your drive.

Known limits

Gmail will only allow ~100 emails sent at once.
Gmail will only allow ~400 emails sent per day per account.
Above limits are only for Gmail(If you use full version you can setup different SMTP)


Send Spoofed Email
Send Email bomb (anti-stacking)
Mass Mail aka Phishing campaign

Spoof Email

Allows for sending a single spoofed email.

Mass Email (Mailing list support)

This function supports mailing list (e.g txt file). Allows for sending the same email to many addresses at once. 
Useful for phishing or marketing campaigns.

(use at your own risk

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