JSQL Injection v0.79 – a java tool for automatic database injection.


  • Automatic injection of 18 kinds of databases: Access, CUBRID, DB2, Derby, Firebird, H2, HSQLDB, Informix, Ingres, MariaDB, MaxDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Sybase and Teradata
  • Multiple injection strategies: Normal, Error, Blind and Time
  • SQL Engine to study and optimize SQL expressions
  • Creation and vizualisation of Web shell and SQL shell
  • Search for administration pages
  • Read files from the host
  • Bruteforce hash of password
  • Code and decode a string
  • Community translation system: ar, cs, de, es, fr, in_ID, it, nl, pt, ru, tr, zh


Install Java 8, then download the latest release of jSQL and double-click on the .jar to launch the software.
You can also type java -jar jsql-injection-v0.79.jar in your terminal to start the program.

v0.79 [download here]

Default Database SQL Engine Batch scan Web shell SQL shell Panels Admin page File Upload Bruteforce Coder


Injection strategies: DIOS / Routed query / User Variable, WAF detection, Bruteforce of HTTP Auth, Arabic translation, Command line interface.

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