FeatherDuster - An automated, modular cryptanalysis tool

FeatherDuster is a tool written by Daniel "unicornfurnace" Crowley of NCC Group for breaking crypto which tries to make the process of identifying and exploiting weak cryptosystems as easy as possible. Cryptanalib is the moving parts behind FeatherDuster, and can be used independently of FeatherDuster.

FeatherDuster Usage

python featherduster/featherduster.py [ciphertext file 1] ... [ciphertext file n]
If you have installed FeatherDuster into your virtual environment, you can simply run it as:
(featherduster) $ featherduster [ciphertext file 1] ... [ciphertext file n]
When importing samples through positional arguments, each file will be consumed and treated as its own ciphertext, regardless of the format of the files. FeatherDuster has the ability to automatically recognize and decode common encodings, so it's okay if these files contain encoded samples.
Once the FeatherDuster console launches, alternate methods of ciphertext import will be available, specifically the ability to import a file with newline-separated samples where each line will be treated as a distinct sample, like so:
and the ability to specify a single ciphertext in FeatherDuster through command-line input. Since this input will terminate on a newline, it is recommended to use some form of encoding in case the sample contains a newline.


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