EgeSploit - golang library for malware development

EGESPLOIT is a golang library for malware development, it has few unique functions for meterpreter integration.

        CalculateChecksum(x) : Function calculates x digit 8 bit checksum for reverse HTTP/HTTPS meterpreter connections, returns the calculated checksum as string.
        Meterpreter(ConType, Address) : Function launches a meterpreter connection, takes 2 parameters connection type (HTTP/HTTPS/TCP) and Address (, function returns a string for error handling.
        Persistence() : Function copys and adds the running binary to startup registry.
        Sysguide() : Function returns the current directory, running OS version, username, antivirus name as strings.
        Keylogger(LOGS) : Function takes a string pointer as parameter and starts a keylogger,all key logs are saved at given parameter.
        Please(Command) : Function executes the given parameter with runas command. (Asks permission for higher level operations)  
        BypassAV() : Function bypasses the anti virus heroustic detections, takes a integer as parameter for defining the intensity level.
        Dispatch(Base64_Binary,BinaryName, Parameters) : Function drops a binary and executes it, takes tree strings as parameter base64 encoded binary, binary name and parameters.
        Distract() : Functions execute a forkbomb bat file for distracting the user.
        Dos() : Function start a dos atack to given target (
        SyscallExecute(Shellcode) : Function executes the given shellcode(byte array) with system call.
        ThreadExecute(Shellcode) : Function executes the given shellcode(byte array) with CreateThread function.

        WifiList() : Functions returns he wifi connection history.
        RSE stands for "Reduced Sized Exploits", functions under RSE folder are build with windows api calls for reducing payload sizes.

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