The New Hacking Framework: KatanaFramework

Katana is a framework written in python for making penetration testing, based on a simple and comprehensive structure for anyone to use, modify and share, the goal is to unify tools serve for professional when making a penetration test or simply as a routine tool


Features & Tools 
web/cp.finder Administrator Panel Finder.
web/bypass.sql bypass SQLi with Cheats Injections.
web/bt.form Brute force to Form-based.
web/bt.http Brute force to Http Authentication.
web/whois Whois, DNS Lookup.
web/clt.lfd LFD Vulnerability Console.
net/sf.arp ARP tables Monitor.
net/sc.hosts Hosts live Scan in LAN.
net/sc.scan Scan [Ports, OS, Etc] IP.
net/work.sniff HTTP sniffer.
net/arp.pson ARP poisoning Attack.
net/arp.dos ARP D.O.S Attack.
net/dns.spoof DNS Spoofing.
net/dns.fake DNS fake Server Spoof.
net/web.dos Web D.O.S Attack in LAN.
msf/back.door Generate backdoors with MSF.
set/ Gathering Information with web.
set/em.boom E-mail Boombing (SPAM).
clt/cl.sql Mysql Console Client.
clt/cl.ftp FTP Console Client.
clt/cl.pop POP Console Client.
clt/cl.adb ADB Console Client (Android).
btf/pr.ftp Brute Force to FTprotocol.
btf/pr.sql Brute Force to SQL protocol.
btf/pr.ssh Brute Force to SSH protocol.
btf/pr.pop Brute Force to POP3 protocol.
anf/af.imagen Forensic image analysis.
fle/bt.rar Brute Force to RAR file.
fle/scan.file Report of Virus Scan file.
fle/ Brute Force to ZIP file.
mcs/gn.words Generator Dictionaries.
mcs/i.settup Show Properties of System Current.
mcs/ts.login Test Credentials protocols.
mcs/px.checker Proxy list checker.
wifi/ap.dos Access Point D.O.S attack.
wifi/ev.twin Access Point Phising.

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