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CTF Tools - CTF öncesi hazırlık

This is a collection of setup scripts to create an install of various security research tools. Of course, this isn't a hard problem, but it's really nice to have them in one place that's easily deployable to new machines and so forth.

Bu koleksiyonda guvenlik arastirmasi icin ihtiyaciniz olan hersey problemsiz bir sekilde bulunmaktadir.

CTF oncesi hazirliginizi yapin

Complete kit

  • reverse
  • crypto
  • web
  • stego
  • forensic
  • misc

1. First clone the repository
git clone
2. Install and Use
# Set manage-tools
/ Path / to / ctf-tools / bin / manage-tools setup
source ~ / .bashrc

# Display the list of Tools
manage-tools list

# Installation according to tulzy
manage-tools -s install gdb

# Typical installation TOOLS
manage-tools install pwntools

# Removal TOOLS
manage-tools uninstall gdb

# Remove all TOOLS
manage-tools uninstall all

# Search TOOLS
manage-tools search preload
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